Glen Sluder Adora Tattoo

Glen Slüder

As a life-long artist Glen has created some incredible custom work on everything from canvas to skate decks. But, his favorite medium is skin. Always perfecting his craft, Glen has worked as a tattoo artist with in San Diego since 2003. Honored to have been granted guest spots both locally and throughout the states. Respecting the deeply personal nature of his craft, Glen has hone an instinct for what appeals to his clients, and makes sure their vision is fully accomplished when they’re done working with him. This husband, father, artists and tattooist has managed to stay humble about his talents, and creates a no pressure atmosphere for anyone who visits. He is grateful for the support he’s received and looks forward to creating unique tattoos for you at Adora!

To book an appointment call Glen at 619-316-9933 or CLICK HERE to email.